Blacks: Shattered- The Complete Singles Collection LP


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Finally available in a single handy piece of plastic all the singles by Swedish garage punk young gods THE BLACKS!
“There was something magical about those times. For me the first time I played in a real band. I remember not being able to wait until the next rehearsal, it was like being in love! "Let It All Hang Out" was the first song I ever wrote and it's 10 years ago now. Wow! I was a totally different person back then. I still think it holds up now and there's always something desperate and cool about your first band. Here you got the complete recordings, well, the stuff we want you to hear. Everything that came out on the 7"s we put out. It was made during two years when we went to the States twice on tour. We didn't care about Sweden or Europe. We wanted to be from Memphis, New Orleans, Tokyo, anywhere but here... We were fueled by blues and punk and wanted to be a mix of the Gories, Oblivians and Guitar Wolf. Listening to it now, I really think we had our own sound though and the songs were pretty damn good! It certainly has that teenage energy. So get down, get with it, turn it up and LET IT ALL HANG OUT!
Yours truly, Martin Savage” (gonna puke)

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November 10, 2010
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