Back From the Grave vol 1 LP (Crypt) Gatefold sleeve
— Price: 169 SEK

New edition with gatefold sleeve and updated textsheets.

Poundin' set of primal teen 60s punk!

Elite - "My Confusion"
Jujus - "Do You Understand Me"
Alarm Clocks - "Yeah"
Alarm Clocks - "No Reason To Complain"
Fabs - "That's The Bag I'm In"
Malibus - "Cry"
Bel-Aires - "Ya Ha Be Be"
Legends - "I'll Come Again"
Rats - "Rats Revenge"
Rats - "Rats Revenge" (part 2)
One Way Streets - "We All Love Peanut Butter"
Larry & The Blue Notes - "Night Of The Phantom"
One Way Streets - "Jack The Ripper"
Swamp Rats - "Psycho"
Cords - "Ghost Power"

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