Back From the Grave Vol 2 LP (crypt)
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'Nother fine set of teen blasters!

Lyrics - "They Can't Hurt Me"
Canadian Rogues - "Keep In Touch"
Unrelated Segments - "Cry Cry Cry"
Outsiders - "She's Coming On Stronger"
Roy Junior - "Victim Of Circumstances"
Mods - "Satisfaction"
Hatfields - "Yes I Do"
Reasons Why - "All I Really Need Is Love"
Outsiders - "Summertime Blues"
Banshees - "They Prefer Blondes"
Triumphs - "Surfside Date"
Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - "Scream"
Novas - "The Crusher"
Mystics - "Snoopy"
Brigands - "(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"
Children Of Darkness - "She's Mine"

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