Back From the Grave vol 5 LP (Crypt)
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An' this ain't no slacker!

Humans - "Warning"
Warlords - "Real Fine Lady"
Vestells - "Won't You Tell Me"
Illusions - "City Of People"
Jaguars - "Its Gonna Be Alright"
Few - "Escape"
Tikis - "Show You Love"
Keggs - "To Find Out"
Jesters Of Newport - "Stormy"
Henchmen - "Livin'"
Tigermen - "Close That Door"
Aztex - "The Little Streets In My Town"
Hatfields - "The Kid From Cinncy"
Nobles - "Something Else"
Centrees - "She's Good For Me"
Rising Tides - "Take The World As It Comes"

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