Back From the Grave vol 8 LP (Crypt)


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Boom, baby BOOM! 2XLP

The Groop - "Alright!"
The Benders - "Can't Tame Me"
Adrian Lloyd - "Lorna"
The Nightriders - "With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends?"
The Chancellors - "On Tour"
The Pseudos - "A Long Way"
The Bojax - "Go Ahead & Go"
The Wyld - "Goin' Places"
The Elite UFO - "Now Who's Good Enough?"
The Painted Ship - "And She Said Yes"
The Merlynn Tree - "Look In Your Mirror"
Dave Myers & The Disciples - "Come On Love"
The Pulsating Heartbeats - "Talkin' About You"
The Cindells - "Don't Bring Me Down"
James T & The Workers - "That Is All"
The Outspoken Blues - "Not Right Now"
The Painted Ship - "I Told Those Little White Lies"
The Piece Kor - "All I A Want Is My Baby Back"
The Cavendvellers - "Run Around"
The Village Outcast - "The Girl I Used To Love"
The New Fugitives - "That's Queer"
The Dave Starky 5 - "Hey Everybody"
The Ascendors - "I Won't Be Home"
The Tikis - "We're On The Move"
The Amberjacks - "Hey Eriq!"
The Ravenz - "Just I Want Her"
The Nightcrawlers - "Want Me"
The Dagenites - "I Don't Want To Try It Again"
The Horsemen - "You Lied"
The Dogs - "Don't Try To Help Me"
The Dry Grins - "She's A Drag"
The New Fugitives - "She's My Baby"
The Merlynn Tree - "How To Win Friends"
Just Too Much - "She Gives Me Time"
Sonics Inc - "Diddy Wah Diddy"
Satan's Chyldren - "Don't Go"

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