Born Bad Vol 7 LP
— Price: 159 SEK

RIC CARTEY "Oo Wee Baby"/  JOHNNY FORTUNE "Dragster"("Wrong Way Ticket")/

THE BLUES ROCKERS "Calling All Cows"("Corn Fed Dames")/ ROY BROWN "Butcher Pete Part 1"/ LARRY PHILLIPSON "Bitter Feelings"("Upside Down & Inside Out")/ TERRY DUNAVAN "Earthquake Boogie" ("Haulass Hyena")/ THE SHELLS "Whiplash" ("Ultra Twist")/ THE FANATICS "I Will Not Be Lonely" ("New Kind Of Kick")/ THE WAILERS "Hang Up"/ JUNIOR THOMPSON "How Come You Do Me"/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Madness" ("God Monster")/ KIT & THE OUTLAWS "Don't Tread On Me" ("Nest Of The Cuckoo Bird)/ CHARLIE FEATHERS "One Hand Loose" ("Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon")/ THE EMBERS "I Walked All Night"/ GENE SUMMERS "Taboo"/ LINK WRAY"Rumble"("Color Me Black"). With gatefold sleeve & linernotes.

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October 5, 2010
Soul / Funk / R'n'B