Born Bad Vol 8 LP
— Price: 159 SEK

SHERIFF & THE RAVELS "Shombolar"/ BO DIDDLEY "Dancing Girl" ("Call Of The

Wighat")/ WALTER BROWN & HIS BAND "Jelly Roll Rock"/ KEITH COURVALE "Trapped Love"/ HAYDEN THOMPSON "Blues Blues Blues"/ LIGHTNIN SLIM "It's Mighty Crazy"/ ROY BROWN "Butcher Pete Part 2"/ DANNY DELL "Froggy ("She's Got Balls")/ THE FENDER FOUR "Margaya" ("Wilder Wilder Faster Faster")/ ELVIS PRESLEY "Do The Clam"/ SLIM HARPO "Strange Love"/ ANDYALVEY & THE GREEN FUZ "Green Fuz"/ CAPTAIN BEEFHEART"Hard Working Man"/ SONNY BURGESS "Red Headed Woman"/ DON & THE GALAXIES "Sundown" ("TV Set")/ THE REVELS "Intoxica!" ("Mojo Man From Mars")/. With gatefold sleeve & linernotes.

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October 5, 2010
Soul / Funk / R'n'B