Forbidden Tigers: Magnetic Problems LP
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You can practically see the records that tattered the floors of each of the members of the FORBIDDEN TIGERS when they were growin up.  Gun Club, The Saints, Jon Spencer, ‘68 Comeback, Rolling Stones, Lightnin Hopkins, James Brown and The Scientists were certainly records strewn amongst the floor right  next to their balled up home made T Shirts emblazoned with the words: REATARDS, SPACESHITS, REGNING SOUND and GORIES written in faded black magic marker.  On ‘Magnetic Problems’ the FORBIDDEN TIGERS bash out 12 tracks with precise, acuracy all the while sounding pretty care free and unrehearsed.  ‘Son Of A Carnivore’ and ‘Forbidden Tigers’ certainly stand out as two tracks that aim to maim.  They completely nail the fast n hard approach and the mid-fi recording perfectly accentuates the fierce, decimating, guitar tones.  The rhythm track alone on ‘Forbidden Tigers’ is pure perfection and brings to mind an early GG pickin away in the basement with a cig hangin off his lip and a spilled bottle of Jim Bean on the floor.  Just pure reckless, care free rock n roll that grabs your ear drums and doesn’t let go.  But the entire album isn’t a whirl-wind of noise, feedback and distortion.  The majority of ‘Magnetic Problems’ contains a pleasant mish-mash of mid tempo, blues amped, rock n ravers all tied together with the loose, raspy baritone howl of what sounds like the ghost of Jeffrey Lee Pierce.   From the Black Lips gone country twang of ‘Can of Beans’ to the neo primativee Gories clatter of ‘Magnetic Problems’, they cover alot of ground on their debut and certainly strum, pluck, beat and scream like the best of their mentors.  It’s nice to see such a young new band write a solid album and not fall into the standard new band, riff-rip trappings of most bands their age.  If yer keepin up on contemporary garage rock, this ones a must have.

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