Golden Boys: Whiskey Flower LP
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This is live in the studio, versatile, weirdo country folk, cracked blues, vintage melancholy pop reminiscent of the FLAMING GROOVIES, BO DIDDLEY, MODERN LOVERS or so many others. It holds you like a octopus. You want to get out first, but then crawl back cause the world out there is worse. The GOLDEN BOYS are our favorite first "now" band we reissue with no open questions at all. They may not be handsome. Check. They may not be in their twenties anymore. Check. Drummer quits the band to take greyhound bus back to Texas after the show. Check. Haha, they´re everything we love. "Whiskey Flower" is their second album, originally released in 2007 on Hook or Crook, US. The original first and only print run is gone. Thanks to Chris/Hook and Crook and the GOLDEN BOYS - we´re here to reissue this highlight now. Take a note that we also release their upcoming 4th album "Electric Wolfman" in co-operation with Daggerman Records end of this summer 2009. In our little fan rocknroll paper doll world, the GOLDEN BOYS dressed as some undefined pretentious misled religious carpenters, sitting near the fields asking for a ride to get outta here to play a show with DEADLY SNAKES and REIGNING SOUND. We spin the vinyl when a new bottle of wine is opened, when we have to party and our hearts got broken. Now is our job to give europe, the world or just you another chance. Take it and give them as place to sleep when you these vagabonds. Stomp loud that we can welcome them with all their fuzzy organs, horns, melodeons, trumpets, fiddles, their desparate singing for the lonesome though rowdy songs. Limited edition 500 copies. That night, we expected them as premium handcraft rocknroll swagger, we´re tired from walking around town and talking friends into joining but the GOLDEN BOYS just swept away all expectations, exhaustion, plans, talk - as time stops - nothing matters anymore.

(alien snatch)

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