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From Austin, TX - the trio is ALEX CUERVO on vocals and guitar (formerly in BLACKTOP, the KING SOUND QUARTET, the GOSPEL SWINGERS, the NOW TIME DELEGATION, a FEAST OF SNAKES and THIS DAMN TOWN), TOM KODIAK (KODIAKS, DIRTY SWEETS) on guitar and ALYSE MERVOSH (THIS DAMN TOWN, WINKS) comes on with pushing drums. This foreshadowed great things to come, they´re armed with the right ingredients to have the knack for up-beat simple, insanely loud, blues-poisened powerpop. Alex´ dark powerful hydra-head vocals is absorbing you while the catchy hooks will suck you out completely. ALIEN SNATCH! is famous for their power pop taste so you know what to expect. We all get hexed - shit, we love that! Further it´s a tricky call - where some veterans may get reminded of the MISFITS, others may say RAMONES went monster & cemetery fuzz and may hear dashes of SWINGING NECKBREAKERS groove. This haunted late ´70s powerpop, which reverbs make any indie discos to freak out without this being disco or electro or get filed in the post-anything-hype. They toured the US and got radio airplay with their demo so it was a matter of time when jinxed two of elite, likewise prominent craftsmen of home recording to finish this addictive potion of rock´n´roll - recording and mixing is done by MARK RYAN of the MARKED MEN while the mastering is served by JAY REATARD. All on 45 RPM. 10 Songs, nine originals and „Down In The Park“ of TUBEWAY ARMY.


(alien snatch)

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