Intellectualls: In the Middle of Darkwhere LP
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Started in 1999 as a duo, Roman garage punkers The Intellectuals evolved into a trio soon after their Oblivians/Gories inspired debut album "Black! Domina! Now!" in 2004. 2Invisible is the Best" (their first LP as a three-piece in 2006) shows a more nervous, dark-wave, keyboard-driven approach reminiscent of bands like the Mutants, Units, or the Screamers, while holding onto their punk rock touch. From this point on, the trademark of the band will be a personality-soaked mixture of 70's punk rock, 80s New Wave/Post-Punk and 90's garage. "Triple", out in 2009 on theJeetkune label and recorded at Toerag Studios, is probably their definitive album; it's the result of years of constant touring and collaboration with some leading names of the modern garage scene such as the Normals, the Rock n'roll Adventure Kids, Movie Star Junkies, River City Tanlines and such. The Intellectuals recently emerged from the studio where they recorded a new full-length album, this time with the addition of Cheb Samir (Capputtini 'I Lignu, Trans Upper Egypt, Bobsleigh Baby, Normals) as a permanent bass player. More anxious and angst-ridden than ever, with the exception of a few significant Velvet Underground-inspired episodes, the record tells the story of our dark times.



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