Mac Blackout LP
— Price: 139 SEK

Debut solo LP here from Mark AKA Mac Blackout of the late great Functional Blackouts and currently bashing strings in the Daily Void.  Marks been recording solo material for years as Mac Blackout, and this is his first official release.  12 songs of strangely appealing twisted outsider punk.  I guess the closest comparison might be the Blank Dogs on a couple tracks, with the majority of the album being warped punk tunes that might be considered “out there”.  Really hard to pin down, but think the Electric Eels meets Kraftwerk meets the Screamers for reference.  Mac uses all different kinds of instruments and they're all held together with his signature twisted, menacing lyrics of personal experiences and earie loathful thoughts.  If you’re a Blackouts/Daily Void fan you’ll dig.  Killer lookin cover art hand done by Mac too!!

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