Mess Folk: This Is Mess Folk LP
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MESS FOLK is from Sydney, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was started by Philip Tarr in December 2008. This is a complation record featuring various recordings from 2008-2010. This is basicly the 12 Song „This is Mess Folk” Tape, released in 2009. It firstcame out with a couple of copies as self release, then SCOTCH TAPES did a batch of 100 copies. Three songs ended up an a 7" out on HOZAC records. This LP also has 10 new
and unreleased songs. All songs have been mastered for this release by Justin Perkins. Now as you know the story, start listining to these devastating cuts of delusional inner
turmoil that sets in after months of cabin fever. What else can you expect, when growing up in a small industrial city which is known for pretty much one thing: being the secondlargest
toxic environmental disaster hot spot in Canada.

„When the three major industries that supported Sydney collapsed in the late 60s, they left
700,000 tons of chemical waste and raw sewage filling about the size of three city blocks,
and a lot of broke, angry people who speak funny. This place is known as the Tar Ponds. It’s
entirely fitting that this isolated area, with just about the highest rates of cancer, birth defects,
and miscarriages in the country, would push one of the most messed-up new voices in the
garage rock scene through it’s contaminated thighs.”

[Vice Magazine intro for the MESS FOLK interview]

Thanks to drugs and insanity MESS FOLK mastermind Philip Tarr composed pieces of music with extraordinary beautiful titles like „I Shit Blood”, „Give Me a Gun” and „High as Hell”. The music itself sounds like proto punk recorded in a 4x4 meter bedroom, doors locked, windows nailed down and the air filled with a mixture of angst, paranoia and hate. What did you expect? Sugar-coated Anti Folk? Come on.... This is Mess Folk.

MESS FOLK are a real band now. New album will be recorded later in 2010. Thisis for those who snoozed and missed this band so far, and for those who wrecked the tape already, after to many runs....

1 - Love Letter Ballad
2 - You‘re Too Pretty
3 - Modern Man
4 - I Shit Blood
5 - High as Hell
6 - Something I Remember
7 - Give Me A Gun
8 - If I Don‘t Get Out
9 - Loser
10 - Life Is A Joke
11. Worst band Ever

12 - Every Day I Kill My Brain With Drugs
13 - I Beat My Woman Sometimes (And
She Likes It)
14 - No Jobs
15 - Welfare Blues Jazz
16 - Troubled Mind
17 - Do You Mind If I Touch Your Brain?
18 - Stuck in a Rut
19 - Prostitute Love Affair
20 - Stupid Christian
21 - Nothing To Me
22 - I Am Just Sitting Here

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