Mickey: I'm So Crazy / I'm Your Trash 7"
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When it comes to local bands in Chicago, it definitely goes in phases, as no one would have assumed a band such as Mickey with its assortment of random ex-band members could have come up with a sound this ridiculously compelling. Rather than run down the list of their various past projects, it’s best to take Mickey for exactly what they’ve become: a top-notch gutter-level glitter punk band that runs circles around everyone else, both live and now on record. What makes them special are the combined forces of experienced and inexperienced nuances that really shine on their recordings and will soon show the world how their now signature brand of glammed-up/dumbed-down shambolic pop music can hold up incredibly well under any circumstances. Everything from the unexpectedly touching T.Rex-style backup vocals on the show-stopping, “She’s So Crazy” to the heart-felt and brazenly-delivered innocence they muster up on the already-classic “I Am Your Trash,” Mickey are quickly becoming Chicago’s most notorious and best-loved band and we couldn’t be more excited to offer their debut single for your adoring eardrums.

Debut LP coming SOON on HoZac!

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Check out an the video for “Electric Dreams” (courtesy of Canderson & Tiger Lily) right here:



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