The Mighty Go-Go Players: Play, Lose and Die! 10"
— Price: 99 SEK

 Being a teenage punk rocker growing up in the province of Quebec in my day entailed having to endure copious amounts of Bérurier Noir and co. blaring outta friend's shitty ghetto blasters on a daily basis, so I must confess that after all these years, it's  always extremely f**king refreshing to uncover a French group that sounds absolutely nothing like any of those bands! Not a beat box in sight here, as the Mighty Go-Go Players bring forth a grimy batch of primal 60's sounding psychedelic garage that's as high on energy as it is attitude- excellent stuff! It's probably a good thing my old friends and I weren't listening to stuff like this growing up though, or we probably woulda spent our entire adolescence getting high on acid!



Promo Sheet from venerable ALIN SNATCH! says" Think drugged-out SEXAREENOS, art-damaged MURDER CITY DEVILS based pn FATALS fuzz going ITR on a detahcult sex-war" Thanks, that´s half my work done for me! Not only that, but it´s a pretty apt description although I´d throw in the MINDS and MANGAZOIDES as additional points of reference. Good to the last drop! 


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November 17, 2010
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