Myelin Sheaths: Do The Mental Twist EP 7"
— Price: 59 SEK

Yet another Canadian entry in our new batch, Lethbridge (about 100 miles south of Calgary), Alberta’s Myelin Sheaths have boldly thrust themselves forward and erupt here with an incredibly powerful debut 7″ EP featuring blistering production that jumps out of the grooves, and a wall of noise/pop vocals that sends chills down your spine and raises all hairs unshaven. As each song contained within offers up a thundering blast of icy guitars and pulse-pounding rhythms, each more intense than the last, Myelin Sheaths have found a perfect platform to desecrate the chill and melt the frozen wilderness around them. The endlessly reverberated dual male/female vocals blend together on the b-side’s ‘Drugstore Pharmacy’ so well that you can feel the sky open up and suck you straight into heaven, as it washes away the troubles clouding your weary consciousness. Like if someone plugged the entire C86 sound into a fried-out super generator, Myelin Sheaths have the potential to skyrocket straight to the top of your list of new favorites.

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November 10, 2010
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