Nerve City: Red Tops EP 7"
— Price: 59 SEK

As raw and bitter as the north winds blowing off the Virginia mountaintops, we are proud to serve you a platter of new songs to ease the winter solitude with three impeccably satisfying noisy folk vibrations from Nerve City. As you may already know, Nerve City is one of the brightest home-recording projects that’s been exploding into a gripping live band, all the while holding a line of desperate tension and aggressive simplicity that climbs inside your skull within seconds and never really leaves. With a strong handle on jangling 60s guitar instrumentation and misanthropic melody, coupled with brash, shell-shockingly savage recording methods and songwriting that’s so far above its peers, it’s time you warmed up a spot in your withered soul for Nerve City before they blow up in your face.

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November 10, 2010
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