Overnight Lows: City Of Rotten Eyes LP
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"Goner Records is proud to release City Of Rotten Eyes, the debut of Jackson, Mississippi's OVERNIGHT LOWS. It's about time. MARSH and DAPHNE NABORS, guitar and bass, have been playing out as Overnight Lows ever since their previous band, THE COMAS, imploded in early 1995. Goner and many other labels have been badgering them for a record for years. Their reluctance to release anything until now reflects both their disdain for musical trends and their quest for a recording worthy of their sound. With City Of Rotten Eyes, they've achieved it. Playing everything "in the Key Of Hep C," the Overnight Lows mix a sick and sickened attitude with a classic Angry Samoans/Queers aesthetic: establish a blazing guitar riff, yell some memorable antisocial blather over it, hit a chorus, and get out. Who has time for anything else these days? Overnight Lows aren't going to waste your time attempting to show you the path to enlightenment, or the way to your lover's heart. They'd rather show you the door. Melodies? Sure, kinda, but more like rhythmic chants to accompany you on your third trip back to the liquor store. The male/female vocal trade-offs add to the band's desperate charm. Marsh and Daphne are backed by CHEF PAUL ARTIGUES from New Orleans' DIE ROTZZ, a batterer of both drums and food. Paul blew Guy Fieri's mind with his boudin-andouille hash and homemade bagels and lox on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. His drumming, busy but focused, blows minds as well, extending his influence far beyond the already passe "foodpunk" scene. While not putting out records in the past few years, Marsh and Daphne have played rhythm guitar and bass for the popular garage pop band LOVER! (Fat Possum Records). The Overnight Lows also achieved many bonus punk rock points by backing up legendary Killed By Death artist Ed Nasty for a mini-set at the Memphis garage rock extravaganza Gonerfest 6.  “...Overnight Lows have an original sound that melds a dollop retard drone with scorching guitar, and the end result comes off like a short bus packed with dynamite––party dynamite.”—Victim Of Time

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