People's Temple: Make You Understand EP 7"
— Price: 59 SEK

This Lansing, MI gang of renegade teenagers has been extremely prolific in the last few months, and as the time quickly passes by, even better songs have evolved, as this 3-track EP will undoubtedly prove. Taking the band down a darker path, People’s Temple straddles the line between simple garage intentions and certain lysergic after effects, causing these songs to take on a Golden Dawn/13th Floor Elevators vibe that’s basically supposed to be impossible without sounding corny. The band’s epic Stacy Sutherland-style “Jim Jones” is already a stone cold classic, but the A-side’s authentic, yet unconventional and out-of-time slashings will be turning heads instantly as well, as their loner psyche hits just keep on coming. Look for The People’s Temple debut LP soon on HoZac and blast your brain into outer space with this sizzling teaser, guaranteed to rot your eyeballs and turn your hair white with prolonged exposure.

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November 10, 2010
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