Pickled Herring Punk Tape (Bäddat För Trubbel, Moralens Väktare, Ras etc),
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Never before released tracks from all bands!

Pickled Herring Punk is the first release by Ooga Tjacka Tapes. It´s contains "16 choice nugs of new Swedish racket" (punk/garage/lo-fi pop etc.) and it proves that the Swedish scene is boiling over with greatness right now! It comes with a download code for those of you who threw out your old tape recorder and xeroxed cover designed by the mighty Joakim Pirinen. Released in time for the midsummer celebration, when tons of pickled herring are consumed, along with snaps and dancing like little frogs around the maypole. 


Sexpistolstanten och Mockfjärdsvapnet/Moralens Väktare/Ras/Bäddat för Trubbel/Impo & the Tents/Holy Hoofbeats/Sin Galore/Madamm
Harelip/Local Oafs/Skitig Slida/Poppets/The Ziphs/Wild Fangs/Makeouts/Moron Brothers

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August 11, 2011
Modern (1970's - now)
Made in Sweden