Rayon Beach: the Memory Teeth 12" EP
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Rayon Beach are one of the most head-blasting, endorphin-rushing musical anomalies we’ve stumbled across in a while, and these six tracks of exotic punk psychedelia are just what the doctor ordered. Located terrestrially in Austin, TX but borne of outer limits only imagined by acid casualties trying to find where Syd Barrett lives, Rayon Beach take us on an incredible ride through surreal sound-scapes and off-center arrangements, and pull it all together under a tight black umbrella, soaked in afterbirth and glowing like weird moon rocks. With aural slices so scrappy and inspirational, they effortlessly conjoin shards of obscure noise, not unlike the uncategorizable brilliance of The Deviants, Swell Maps, and The Soft Boys, in that inescapable running of the primal Pink Floyd nuance through the chainsaw-style state of mind. With no Gold edition, and only 550 black vinyl copies available of this high-powered 12″ EP’s maiden pressing, you might want to jump all over this before it’s morphed into something unrecognizable from it’s original state. Watch out for Cryptic Scissor as well, a side-project emanating from Rayon Beach and Woven Bones as part of the Round Two of the HoZac Hookup Klub.

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