Razar: Stamp Out Disco 7"
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Brisbane in the late '70s seemed to encourage more than its share of youthful rebellion. While the Bjelke-Peterson regime didn't encourage protest, it provided lots to protest against. Punk music's do-it-yourself ethos encouraged ordinary people to take control and have their say. Police harassment, the onslaught of disco, money or the lack of it, television news sensationalism and pre-packaged 'teenage' entertainment such as Countdown meant there was a lot to sing about. And the vibrant Brisbane music scene produced a remarkable number of you bands that, while not achieving the international fame of The Saints, made their mark on the hearts and minds of the local audience. 
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Razar was formed in Brisbane in 1977. The band featured vocals by seventeen year old Marty Burke, with fifteen year old Bob Wackley on bass, his eighteen year old brother Greg (Keg) Wackley on drums and sixteen year old Steve Mee on guitar. All four had known each other at school and had performed in earlier cover bands. The boys were keen musicians, and were already starting to write their own original material.

With Razar, the music and the thrust hit you somewhere between Gut Central and the Pleasure Centre - you just can't help but feel great. The playing's sharp as the name. Each number was like a jolt of power, the whole thing sussed for maximum effect. No sloppy intros, missed lines, fuzz out anti-climaxes. Just a two-three minute surge, then cut. 

"Every song we has was very fast. Out policy, our slogan at the time was YOUNG, FAST & NON-BORING" (Marty Burke)

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