Revelators: Let A Poor Boy Ride LP (crypt)
— Price: 159 SEK

The unissued 2nd album, recorded in 2 days in 1998, and a goddamn masterpiece! John Schooley, Jeremiah and Bill Randt (back then drummer for the New Bomb Turks) wail through 13 cuts and reach the ultimate climax with "Jitterbug Swing". Play at the right volume (yess - all the way up, buddy) and get blown away by Schooleys buzzsaw guitar and Jerimiah's howlin' vocals. Tracks: We Told You Not To Cross Us/ Missouri Mule/ I Can't Stop Lovin'/ Love One Day/ Killin' Me/ Jack Johnson/ What I Want/ It's A Sin/ Lone Star/ Take It Back/ Buzzard & The Hawk/ Rainin In My Heart/ Jitterbug Swing. 

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