Shackles: Broken Arm 7"
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"The description on sweet rot's MySpace of the shackles says “should please fans of Box Elders, Nodzzz, Brilliant Colors, etc.” I say this single will more than please fans of those bands, it will keep you very close to your turntable, poised to flip it over and drop the needle again and again. This is the first release (if you don’t count their song on the Funhouse comp), and it easily rivals last year’s Box Elders 7 inch for sheer pop enjoyment. The Shackles are from Seattle, but don’t seem to play out a lot, or I’ve just been totally missing out. The only date they have listed on their MySpace is a vague 20 June house party. The band seem to be well connected at least here in Seattle, Carlos Lopez shot the video for The Dutchess and the Duke’s song Mary and Reuben Mendez is in the excellent Coconut Coolouts. Let’s hope that this single isn’t just a one-off and it’s more like the tip of the iceberg, with a slew of records coming out on multiple labels a la Fresh and Onlys. Only time will tell." -


Broken Arm


Funeral Shroud

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