Songs The Cramps Taught Us vol 1 LP
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SPARKLES “Hipsville 29 BC", DWIGHT PULLEN "Sunglasses After Dark", LINK WRAY "Fatback" , SHERIFF & THE RAVELS "Shombolar", THE RIPTIDES "Machine Gun", BO DIDDLEY "Dancing Girl", TRASHMEN "Surfin Bird", WAL-TER BROWN & HIS BAND "Jelly Roll Rock", THE SONICS "Strychnine", RUMBLERS "Boss", THIRD BARDO "Five Years Ahead Of My Time", BUSTERS "Bust Out", PHANTOM "Love Me", JETT POWERS "Go Girl Go", RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS "Goo Goo Muck", RUNABOUTS "The Strangeness In Me", GROUPIES "Primitive", FRANTICS "Werewolf", ELROY DIETZEL "Rockin' Bones", DALE HAWKINS "Tornado", SHELLS "Whiplash", KEITH COURVALE "Trapped Love", FREDDIE & HITCHIKERS "Sinners", CHARLIE FEATHERS "Can't Hardly Stand It", ANDY STARR "Give Me A Women", R. LEWIS BAND "Get Off The Road", HAYDEN THOMPSON "Blues Blues Blues", LEE DRESSER & KRAZY KATS "Beat Out My Love", ANDRE WILLIAMS "Bacon Fat", JACK SCOTT "The Way I Walk", ELVIS "Do The Clam"

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October 5, 2010
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