Songs The Cramps Taught Us vol 2 LP
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A kind of a best of Born Bad 1-6 - above Cd’s are the much better deal: Green Door (Jim Lowe) / She Said (Hasil Adkins) / Save It (Mel Robbins) / Uranium Rock (Warren Smith) / Chicken (The Spark Plugs) / It s Just That Song (Charlie Feathers) / Blue Moon Baby (Dave Diddle Day) / Georgia Lee Brown (Jackie Lee Cochran) / Get Off The Road (R. Lewis Band) / Give Me A Woman (Andy Starr) / Bop Pills (Macy Skip Skippers) / Shortnin Bread (Readymen) Muleskinner Blues (Fendermen) / Her Love Rubbed Of (Carl Perkins).

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October 5, 2010
Exotica / Surf / Rockabilly