Sweet Knives: Spritzeria LP
— Price: 189 SEK

From the ashes of Lost Sounds was born Sweet Knives. Originally this project was formed to gather the members of Lost Sounds that remained after Jay Reatard passed away, playing the songs from that band that were not Jay's songs. In place of Jay was Jon Grissom who played in a band named The Black and Whites (who both Jay released on Shattered as well and a few other labels worked with including FDH). After a while Sweet Knives began to write and record new songs and saw releases on both Big Neck and Red Lounge. We are excited that Sweet Knives have a new full length that we will be releasing along with Fdh Records (usa). This LP will be limited to 300 copies. The digital release will be in January with the vinyl expected in Spring of 2022.

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