The Fevers: Love Always Wins LP
— Price: 139 SEK

“LOVE ALWAYS WINS” teem with hookalicious song writing, tunes which will make you sing either in the crowded tube in the morning or during sunset on the roof, will make you smile, turn around, catch the album for looking on the back. Maybe Gavin, Brian and Travis form one of the most unique band of my world today. The FEVERS got all the pop music history has to offer. It´s powerpop as TEENAGE HEAD, NERVES and KNACK (without ties & laughing all the way to the bank), taking the cues from the “odd” bubblegum craze boy groups of the stunning nice guy 60´s harmonies. The FEVER B, G and T are geeks - no need for gimmicks to stand out, they love to rock, they love it loud but they don’t wanna be “LOUD” like most others out there. Topped by Gavin´s undeniable distinguish raspy voice, backed by that foot-tapping juice-driving heart-soaring lead and WHO-ish rough punchiness their sound is simple but surprising, intense but shining bright. Watch out the FEVERS are flying over you in red baron jackets, beatle boots and winter underwear throwing bananas! Again, the polka dot cover is the one you’ll find in bunch for sure, this time on “What Whale?” Records. Vinyl comes a big full color poster as long as supplies last. Ah yes, remember buddy, girls (and Darin Raffaelli) LOVE the FEVERS!

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November 17, 2010
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