Liminanas: I'm Dead / Migas 2000 7"
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Ah, the never-ending charm of the French. We’ve been obsessed for years now, and this debut single from The Liminanas has the power to unite warring nations and to seduce the innocent, all in one luxurious punch. With grandiose production and simple, melodic hooks that would make Phil Spector blush in his jail uniform, The Liminanas have that special something that embeds their harmonious arrival quickly into your brain, sending a sinister vibe through the original ye-ye formula and coming out with remarkable results. They cleverly avoid the typical trappings of the pedestrian revivalists and break through here with two incredible, haunting, and inspirationally grim sides that meld a heavy VU-drenched backbone to lurid pop splashes, that result in these timeless recordings you will no doubt cherish. Epic hooks like these combined with bashful female vocals dancing menacingly around the macabre, all done with that irreplaceable accent and performed in the raw like this are hard to come by, so dive into the swirling pop daydream conjured here by The Liminanas, and you’ll find it hard to remember what life was like before it seductively invaded your world.

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