the Locomotions: s/t LP
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More of the sexy & raunchy Martin Savage©™ sound!! Teaming up with Loco Lopez (bass) and Topi the Kat (drums) from the infamous SONS OF CYRUS, he finally got his first full-length out! Packed with his own brand of super electrified, high volume rock-and-roll we all know from this fellow on the broken mic and scorching guitar on various 7" and 10" vinyl platters of the BLACKS, the DIXIE BUZZARDS, the TOKYO KNIVES or the CHINGALEROS. If his past projects are one side of a sonic triangle of the LOCOMOTIONS, the others are whole lot JONNY THUNDER styled hooklines and the desirable NEW YORK & BOSTON rock-and-roll in the late 70s. Hm, take the NEW YORK DOLLS "who are the mystery girls?" with the THE DRAGS´ "Who´s got the electricity" and overdub it with DIXIE BUZZARDS´ "the beat"- Supposed to be a pop approach, left on the recording tapes was as a damn soulful punk rock-and-roll record with that one and only wild Martin Savage vocals. The debut 45 "tell her" was just released by their own SAVAGE RECORDS in a limited edition of 400! An exclusive B-Side with a original and a heartfelt version of the STONES classic "under my thumb". The LOCOMOTIONS are just right for some shakin´retard garagesque dance moves at your next sweaty & sexy house party!

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