The Mighty Ions: Face Rakin' Rock LP
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Yeah ! The first record on ALIEN SNATCH! from back then. The MIGHY IONS are from Boston, members played cult bands as UNNATURAL AXE or the first  lineup (you remember, one of the best !) and had that wrestling rock´n´roll shtick going. The songs are from 1981/1982, this is total fun, goof rock, simplicity and the  pop hooks. All 15 songs are unreleased on vinyl, just the classic "Pedro Morales" got released on the "Claws" comp and was the only commercially released song in that time. The with their unique body-slam rock´n´roll shared the stage all those Boston legends as the TAXI BOYS, LYRES, their rasslin´ contenders and many more. This is obscure (not included on any "Killed by Death" or "Bloodstains" compilation, buddy !), overlooked and in fact totally unknown outside of a handful Boston clubgoers - great garage punk, catchy as a jeans commercial on almost every one of it´s three minute romps.

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