The Playmobils: International Lifestyle LP
— Price: 139 SEK

This international conglomeration of shakers consists of Martin Savage (BLACKS, DIXIE BUZZARDS, TOKYO KNIVES, LOCOMOTIONS) from Sweden, ERIC ULCERS from England and spanish Punkero Joe the Dog of the legendary LOS PERROS.
Though these 12 wild & crazy stompers combine the bluespunky crude- and the catchiness of all of these three countries, this time around the primitive spanish touch of loco is predominant!
Think of LOS CHINGALEROS, where Martin also swung his cheap guitar, together with THE FUN THINGS and the LOCOMOTIONS and you get the picture of raunchy and shakin' songs like ''Soy salvaje'', ''Don't need nobody'', ''Action Rock shrunk my cock'' or ''Quiero crack''.
And with the slower ''Leave me alone'' they even manage the DEVIL DOGS homage perfectly. Sure to appeal directly to the baser instincts of every leather ape!


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November 17, 2010
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