Turpentine Brothers: s/t LP
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Besides their influences they absorbing the Memphis/Montreal sound a lot and would do great on a trip with REIGNING SOUND and LES SEXAREENOS (the ´brothers would definitely be the noise makers in that tour bus). They got hit-and-run smashers with buzzing guitars and shout-out-loud vocals where glass get smashed and in general have that pushing, pulsating beat, urging you to move. On their alter ego, they succeed in writing slower paced songs, the organ is drawing blood, songs aka "Like a Dead Man" which are bursting of suppressed evil forces and let you creep in anonymous fear on a dirty trail with razorblades under you skin! Music wise, any obscure REATARDS or organ-driven MURDER CITY DEVILS come to mind. The Boston trio is a no bullshit no hype no compromise garage rock band with gospel, blues and soul influences standing on the right in the battle of truth vs fiction.

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